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Traditional cooking while respecting the environment

You’ll be able to taste genuine, healthy Lucanian dishes at the farmhouse. Our recipes are the perfect combination of old farming traditions and new technology that respects the natural environment.

Vegetables, strawberries, apricots, peaches, oranges and mandarin oranges, and kiwi are among the most well-known crops grown in the Rotondella area. Our olive oil and wine are also of very high quality. Many are exported abroad.

You’ll have a rare opportunity to taste healthy food that was grown under the Lucanian sun in its rich, fertile soil and harvested by local people with a true passion for their homeland.

Lunch is available when reserved in advance.

The farmhouse offers its clients the chance to purchase homegrown products such as olive oil, fruit, jams, and wine.

We can also host events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and religious festivities at our location. Your guests will enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the delicious homemade dishes. By reservation only.

Some of Rotondella’s traditional dishes

First course dishes are primarily homemade pasta such as “i Ffrizzùle” (homemade pasta topped with fried breadcrumbs or meat sauce); “i Lahanèdd cu ci’cr” (pasta with beans or chickpeas); “i ricchiitèdde” and “i Rashcate”.
Second-course dishes are meat-based with goat, lamb, pork, and chicken.
Some must-tries are oven-baked specialties such as “i Pastìzze” (a meat-filled calzone), “i Fàhule” (calzone filled with ricotta and sausage), and “i Falaghòne” (calzone with potatoes, onions, peppers, or beets and spinach).
Other dishes include “Ggnommarèdde” or “Zanzanèdde” (prepared with goat entrails).
Dried peppers as well as fried, eggplant, artichokes, and onions are all part of the daily diet in the area as well.


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