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the Farm

Terrazzo sul Sinni’s farm is a true learning experience and has earned its accreditation from the Educational Farms of the Basilicata Region which oversees all aspects of training, school activities, as well as safety. The farm could be considered a giant, outdoor laboratory where learning is hands-on combining theory with practice. Best practices in agriculture, animal husbandry, and environmentally-friendly farming techniques are taught in a natural setting.

An Educational Experience

The farming educational experience is based on the principle of learning while having fun! Children of all ages will enjoy the farm in a hands-on, real-life experience making for a lasting memory. Themed trails, workshops, and much more are all part of Terrazzo sul Sinni’s agricultural world.

Themed Trails

THE FARM: display of ancient and modern agricultural tools; learning the agricultural landscape through fields, crops, and seasonal fruits

RESPECTING NATURE: harvesting techniques that respect the environment.

RESPECTING NATURE: utilizing insects, composting, humus as an essential element, photovoltaic systems.

LEARNING PROPER DIET: students will learn about a healthy, Mediterranean diet through educational games.

FROM GRAIN TO FLOUR: types of grain and their makeup from germ to flour, importance of yeast and its various uses.

LET’S GARDEN: tools used and their purposes from planting to harvesting.

FARM ANIMALS: learn the characteristics and habits of various farm animals.

LET’S FIND OUT ABOUT NATURE: educational hiking through the nearby Mediterranean landscape including leaf identification.

Hands-On Activities

SEASONAL FRUIT HARVESTING: pick and taste seasonal harvest.

ECOLOGY WORKSHOP: learn about photovoltaic systems and prepare compost.

BREAD WORKSHOP: hands-on educational workshop on various grains and flour. Includes making bread.

“LITTLE FARMERS”: hoe and weed invasive weed species. Rake and prepare soil for planting.

FEED THE FARM ANIMALS: learn about the various farm animals’ nutritional needs and prepare their feed.

LEAF HUNT: search for and classify various species of leaves.

JAM WORKSHOP: make jam from the harvested fruit to the final, jarred product.

Please note that teacher or parent collaboration will be required during all workshops.

More details

Please note that adult cooperation and participation will be required for all workshops.

Walking trails are available daily throughout the year except Sundays.

The farmhouse offers well-maintained open spaces as well as indoor areas in case of bad weather. If lunch is included with the workshop it will be served in the main dining area of the farmhouse.

We ask that all participants act in a respectful manner both toward nature and their fellow participants.

In case of bad weather, workshops will be moved indoors.

Terrazzo sul Sinni is covered by an insurance policy.

Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes appropriate for the season. Bring a water bottle and snack if not included in the activity.

All workshops and activities are available throughout the entire year (with slight variations due to weather)

Please note that all workshops are subject to slight changes based on the age-appropriateness of the participants.

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